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Has your home become overrun with junk? Our expert house cleanout services will leave you space looking brand new!


Frederick County, MD is filled to the brim with all sorts of cities, neighborhoods, and in turn, houses! Everyone wants to live in their dream house, but some of us find ourselves living in a nightmare instead. A nightmare of junk, clutter, and trash! When you’re surrounded by waste, don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, give GM Junk Removal a call because we’ve got the house cleanout services you need. Your residential junk won’t stand a chance against us!

When is it time to schedule a home cleanout? Good question. Maybe you’re moving out and need help clearing out your old belongings. Perhaps you’re a landlord dealing with the aftermath of an eviction. It could even be that you need us to sort out a hoard. However you want us to help, it’s a sure bet that we can make it happen!

Why Our House Junk Removal Services?

When browsing your options of companies that clean out houses, you can start feeling your head spin fast. However, don’t make your search any more difficult than it needs to be. Don’t settle for mediocrity—instead, opt for the friendly professionals at GM Junk Removal. When you need junk cleared out of a house, we’ve got you covered. We can haul it all away, whether you’ve got clutter stored in your basement, attic, closet, garage, and so on and so forth! We’ll tidy up every nook and cranny to make sure that house looks its best.

House cleanout prices aren’t always that great when you choose the “big box” house and estate cleanout companies. Why not get a good deal instead? You’ll find that good deal at GM Junk Removal. We are locally owned and operated, and we don’t have to pay expensive franchise fees. You know what this means? That’s right—it means you get to save money! Choose us, and enjoy volume-based rates that will make you smile!

Hey, there’s no need to worry about disposing of that household junk, either. Not only will we remove it for you, but we’ll take it to its final resting place as well. What this means is that you’ll never have to go to a landfill for yourself. Leave it to us—our junk removal trunk is so massive, we’ll be able to get the disposal process over with easily.

Our Home Cleanout Process

  1. Where’s the house, and when do you want us to be there? We’ll figure this all out when you contact us online or call us at 240-719-6652.
  2. We’ll arrive right on time for your appointment, then take a quick walk around the house so we can see how much junk you’ve got.
  3. Approve our upfront service quote, and we’ll start cleaning out the house right away. We’ll make all that unwanted clutter disappear fast!
  4. Finally, we’ll sweep up behind ourselves, accept your payment, and get out of your hair. Thanks for choosing our house cleanout services!

We Clean Up House Exteriors, Too!

We would love to be the business that cleans out that house for you. After all, we’ve found that there are so many kinds of junk that are kept indoors. However, it doesn’t stop there. If you think about it, there’s junk outside the house as well. This includes, but is not limited to, hedge clippings, leaves, branches, dead crops, and so much more. Someone’s got to sort that mess out, so why not let GM Junk Removal handle it? We’ve been doing yard debris removal for a long time, and we’d love to make you our next delighted customer.

Here’s how it works. During your house clean out, let us know that the landscape needs some attention, too. That way, our team will be able to split up accordingly. That way, the house will look good—inside and out! This is a fantastic option for property managers and landlords because half of selling or renting a house is making a good first impression. What’s the first thing a prospective tenant or owner will see? That’s right—the yard! As you can see, our yard debris removal services are more important than you might have originally thought!

About Us

At GM Junk Removal, there’s nothing we love more than removing junk for our customers. It’s not just a great way for us to get our exercise. It’s a great way to put a smile on your face, too—and when our neighbors are happy, our entire community is happy. Want to be the next person to crack a smile? Reach out to us, schedule our house cleanout services, and see the difference we can make for you. That residential junk will practically vanish before your eyes!

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