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When you look out your window, the first thing you’ll probably see is your yard. Generally, this can be relaxing. However, if your yard is a mess, then you’re only going to become more stressed out when you notice this. You’ve got enough on your plate, so don’t add do-it-yourself yard waste removal to it. Wouldn’t you rather let the junk removal pros at GM Junk Removal handle this work for you? That way, you can work on something else while our team cleans up the yard.

At GM Junk Removal, we clean up yards around Frederick County, MD so that our customers can do other things with their time. If you’re interested in saving time, then you’d do yourself a world of good by contacting us. Besides, our junk removal team can clean up a yard much faster than one person like you could on their own!

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Why Our Yard Junk Removal?

Yard cleanup and junk removal is difficult work for a variety of reasons. For example, it requires a lot of moving around, such as when you pull up weeds or pick up heavy fallen branches. Additionally, when you’re working outside, you have to deal with the weather. So, if you’re not ready to labor away in the cold or the heat, then it might be time to let someone else do it for you. This is why GM Junk Removal is such a great choice for yard waste removal!

When a storm blows through and makes your yard a mess, or when a rowdy backyard party turns the place into a disaster, we’re here to help. We’ll clean up all that yard waste for a fair, volume-based price, and what’s more, we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees, either. You’ll love our speed, too. Our team works so fast, they’ll have your yard clean before you know it!

Your yard isn’t going to clean itself, so if it’s in a bad state, let us come and improve it. We’d love to serve you, but we can’t until we hear from you first. Contact us online or call us at 240-719-6652. Then, let us know what we can expect to remove from your yard, be it sticks and leaves, dead plants, or even lawn furniture and decorations. Finally, we’ll confirm your appointment details and let you know when we’ll be there!

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Our Yard Cleanup Process

  1. On the day of your appointment, we will arrive with truck space, a full team, and all the tools we’ll need to clean up your yard.
  2. After you approve our service quote, we’ll begin cleaning up the yard right away so we can save you as much time as possible.
  3. Even though we work quickly, we don’t cut corners. We have a keen attention to detail, so we won’t miss any of the yard waste.
  4. Eventually, we’ll have all the yard debris loaded up in our truck. At this point, we’ll request your payment. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Tree Waste Removal in Frederick County, MD

Trees are beautiful additions to any backyard because they provide shade, change colors as the seasons advance, and even give birds a place to live. However, trees aren’t always fun and games. Sometimes, they can even create a mess, so you have to be prepared for that eventuality. Of course, everyone is aware that trees can drop their leaves on the yard, so you might need to rake every now and then. But what should you do when sticks and branches land in your grass? And what you should do about unwanted saplings and tree stumps?

At GM Junk Removal, we have the tools and the team needed to remove any tree debris with ease, so if you need help, let us know! We can rake the lawn for you and dispose of the leaves. We can pick up sticks and branches so you don’t have to. What’s more, we can even unearth those unwanted saplings and tree stumps. We’ll bring shovels and wheelbarrows so we can pierce through the soil, unearth these wooden intruders, and place them into the back of our truck.

About Us

GM Junk Removal is happy to work outside for you when you need yard waste removal, but you should know that isn’t all we do. We also work inside as well, taking on junk removal projects at houses, offices, restaurants, and apartments all across Frederick County. What inspires us to keep so busy? Well, every time we finish an appointment, we get to see the satisfied expression of a customer who’s relieved to be junk-free. Those smiles keep us going, as do the five-star reviews! So if you need five-star service, look no further than GM Junk Removal, the #1 local junk removal business near you!

Yard Debris We Take

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Hedge Clippings
Tree Stumps
Lawn Decorations

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